A Word About Les Misérables the Play

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A Word About Les Misérables the Play

Alex Ledgerwood-Vincze

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Les Misérables is about a man named Jean Valjean and the struggles he went into after he was sent to jail for nineteen years after stealing a mouthful of bread for his sister’s starving child. It shows the pain, anger, and stuggles he and other characters had as they moved into the revolutionary period in France.

This story had come alive on OKM’s floors! It was beautifully portrayed by the cast of Triple Threat Theater Company who were musically directed by Spencer Back and artfully directed by Ryan Grenier.

Many have said that they had a lot of fun building and creating the play that they showed the past couple of days. They were all very proud and happy at the growth of the performance.

Sam Pelmore who played Young Cosette had said that at the very beginning when they first started it started out slow but progressed every rehearsal they had. Even so that it seemed like they didn’t even have a show until they had one.

She also said that even though everyone in Triple Threat were close, they were even more so now. She had loads of fun and finds it the most positive show she’s ever been in si far in her acting career.

Pelmore found that she had an opportunity to help the younger actors learn the ropes and enjoyed encouraging them to do their best.

She Also mentioned that because they have done the show so many times, you might be dancing a scene and wondering what scene is next and if they are in the first half or the second while dancing. She says they can dance and sing without a brain!

Hennery Purdon a member of the chorus also really enjoyed doing the show. When he looks back on it he feels satisfyed and proud.

Simon Puts on a member of the audience really enjoyed watching the show. He found it very heart moving and emotional. He also liked the resolution at the end.

Eva Mackie a member of the crew found the work exhausting but very rewarding. She also happened to learn all the lyrics to the songs as she has listened to them multiple times. She finds it quite interesting since she can now sing along in her head with the cast and understand what’s going on on stage!

I have seen the show twice so that I could see both casts. I also happen to know the songs as I was in choir with them. I saw the improvement they had and how much work they put into the play.

I congratulate them all on a job well done!

– Alex Ledgerwood-Vincze