Remembrance day at OKM

Hailey Adams, being a huge BO$$

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Today, November 9th 2018 we commemorated Canada’s fallen solders from the horrors of world war one. The assembly started off slow, but was quickly sparking the interest of the teenagers around me. The MCs did a respective job today, they spoke clearly, and honorably. They did a great job of not butchering the native Canadian language. The squadron member of the Vernon dragoons was very convincing, comparing our lives to the fallen solders, however he did seem a little nervous, but that’s nothing to blame considering how big the crowd was today. Personally my favorite part was the senior jazz bands contribution. They did an amazing job, Graham and Azene sung beautifully, and it was a creative addition by adding in the letter reading skit. This years assembly was definitely planned out well in advance, with the addition of lights, and song. Overall the OKM remembrance day assembly for 2018 was by far, the most somber, and respectful ceremony they’ve put on.